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Travelling Souls - Going Places

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                                    Travelling Souls debut release Going Places offers the listener an eclectic range of songs, lively and soulful with a worldly travelling vibe. Singer-songwriter Tamar Doyle is the voice and vision behind the music. Yorkshire-born but moved to Israel, and was raised between the two countries. Her lyrics tell stories of her travels from Israel, through India, to London, revealing her personal observations of life, creating a positive uplifting feel.

London based Singer-songwriter Tamar Doyle is the voice and vision behind TRAVELLING SOULS, her debut album Going Places has been released this September, self-produced on her own label Dubi Productions.
Tamar has been working as a musician and artist, collaborating, writing songs and improving her craft, she formed Travelling Souls two years ago, now promoting the album, gigging in the UK and Israel, rehearsing and recording with a band.
Through her multi-cultural English/Israeli upbringing and desire to travel and see the world, her music has a wide range of influences, pop rock folk and blues fused with Middle Eastern, Indian and Caribbean sounds.
Connecting the different worlds inside her within the music to create a balance between spirituality, art, and contemporary, uplifting and catchy pop.
Tamar started off her creative path as a visual artist and designer, this comes to light in her descriptive lyrics as well as in the branding and artwork for this release.

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