From Salisbury, United Kingdom
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DJ Performer

Price on request
                                    We perform high quality DJ sets for clubs and promotors around the UK. We are open to international offers as well.

Our preferred genres are Trance & Progressive but can perform others (Message us for details).

True DJ-ing is an art form in itself and we aim to provide the best performances possible for the well educated fans of the genre. Listen to our *MIXTAPE* episodes via the media links for an idea of the music we play!

Progressive Trance duo from the UK. Supported by Sunny Lax, Myon, Cosmic Gate, Johan Vilborg and more.

Kojun is all about creating the best dance music possible to our minds. Taking aspects of music from all forms of EDM but especially Trance, House and Progressive. Our greatest influences include Ilan Bluestone, Jason Ross, Above and Beyond, Shogun, Comsic Gate and Genix just to name a few. Kojun's music can range from tech sounding, to electro, to powerful melodic and groove based trance.

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