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JONATHAN ROYLE - Comedy Stage Hypnotist & Celebrity Hypnotherapist

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                                    For almost three decades British Comedy Stage Hypnotist & Celebrity Hypnotherapist Jonathan Royle has been Amazing & Amusing Audiences all around the World.

During this time he has been extensively featured on Television & Radio Shows along with numerous Print Features in Newspapers and Magazines for his outstanding Hypnotic Talents.

Able to offer a completely Squeaky Clean Family Show and a middle of the road "Naughty But Nice" Carry on Style Humor show, it is perhaps for his Strictly Over 18's Adults Only shows for which he is best known.

The Hypnotic Shows Royle Can offer include:


A show suitable for mixed family audiences, ideal for Holiday Camps, Caravan Parks, Family Theatre and many other venues! 

During this show Royle gets the kids involved (but does not hypnotise them) and they love it as Royle entrances their dad to give them more pocket money or to stay up later!

All the Classic sketches such as people becoming Elvis or Madonna, the Hypnotist becoming invisible and the Naughty x-ray glasses are included in this show.


This is the show that earnt Royle his reputation as Britain’s Most Outrageous Hypnotist!

The contents of this show although entirely legal are considered X-rated and as such will be presented only to audiences of 18+ adults who have been warned to stay away if easily offended!

The contents of this show have proved popular at Colleges, Universities, Private Members Clubs, Nightclubs and other adult orientated venues.

This show pushes Hypnosis to the extremes and reveals why Royle has been dubbed by many as “The Bernard Manning & Chubby Brown of Stage Hypnosis” and as such you have been warned!


These are Royle’s most popular shows by far and consists of “Carry On” style double meaning humour. The contents of this show are certainly more adult orientated, but are presented in a manner so as to offend nobody!

This show has proved popular for Parties, After Dinner Cabaret, Hotels, Corporate Functions and many other venues!

The audience will laugh until they cry as they see men giving birth to babies, the man who thinks his testicles are talking to each other and the woman who falls in love with the Hypnotist.

The best way to describe this hilarious show is “Naughty but Nice!”


A Unique Comedy Hypnosis Show experience with a Game Show theme and voting element that involves the entire audience.

A Great choice for Corporate Team Building Events, Weddings and Family Celebrations.


Royle is joined by Harrizon The Homosexual Hypnotist for an adults only show that is as Camp as a row of Pink Tents and although suitable for all Adult Comedy Venues and Audiences, is especially suited to Gay, Lesbian and Trans-Gender Friendly Venues. 

Indeed this show was a hit at the 21st Anniversary Celebrations of Manchester’s Gay Pride.

Booking Information:

Royle is available fully self-contained for shows anywhere in the World with any of his Live Comedy Shows which can run from 45 minutes in Cabaret up to over Two Hours for Theatre venues.

All-inclusive Fees start at just £1500 (within Northwest England only) and rise depending on venue, audience size, location and dates required!

For Theatres box office splits start as low as 50/50 each!

Due to the Unique nature of Royle’s Hypnotic Style Shows, it is possible to Legally and Lawfully Present these anywhere, even places where conventional Trance Hypnosis Shows are banned or not allowed.

For an accurate all inclusive quote, please send details of your desired date, nature of event, audience size, intended venue and geographic location to us and we’ll send you an individual quotation.

JONATHAN ROYLE - Comedy Psychic Style Mind Reader & Inspirational Speaker

Price on request
                                    Comedy Psychic Style Shows & Performances

Despite the fact that International Publication “Psychic News” dubbed Royle in his former stage name of Alex-Leroy as “The New Uri Geller and Doris Stokes rolled into one!” he does not claim to have any strange powers!

Indeed he freely admits that his work as one of Britain’s Leading Psychic Entertainers is based on his skilled use of body language, NLP language patterns, psychological manipulation and the use of his heightened senses of sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell!

None the less people are often convinced that Royle has paranormal powers as he displays skills & talents which are bizarre, entertaining and often unique!

He has Several Live Psychic Entertainment shows available, which are both suitable for Corporate Functions, Theatres and other high-class venues as follows:


Ideal for Comedy Clubs, Variety Shows and indeed anywhere that requires light hearted tongue in cheek Comedy Mind Reading and Psychic Style Entertainment, that whilst comical and hugely entertaining on the one hand will also prove to be hugely mind blowing and memorable on the other.


For suitable venues this can include a Ghost Walk and Investigation, but always will include a varied selection of Ouija Communication, Table Tipping, Pendulums, Astral Projection, Past Lives, The Kiss of The Clairvoyant, Dark Seance, Spirit Communication and other Paranormal and Supernatural Style Experiments involving the whole group.


This unique interactive show allows willing audience members to take to the stage, be hypnotized and then discover what and whom they were in their previous lifetimes. This provides both an entertaining and also highly enthralling and thought provoking performance. The question is Have You Lived Before?


From a 5 minute television appearance or a 12 minute variety act on the one hand to a 45 minute Corporate Cabaret or Two Hour theatre show on the other “Theatre of the Mind” is a show without equal!

Audience participation is the main feature of this amazing show as Royle reads minds, predicts future events before they happen, enables people to have ghostly encounters, makes metal objects melt at his fingertips and generally takes everyone on a roller coaster white knuckle journey to the centre of their own minds and back again!

Many of the experiments in this mind-blowing show can be themed to suit your particular company event. 

If you’ve seen the likes of Derren Brown or Max Maven on TV and thought they were good, then you’ll think that Royle’s “Theatre of the Mind” is excellent!


This is the show that convinced the British Spiritualist Community and Psychic News that Jonathan Royle was a genuine Psychic, Clairvoyant and Physical Medium during 1990 & 1991 in his former stage name of Alex-Leroy. 

Watch in amazement as Royle apparently makes contact with the Spirit world and gives messages to audience members from their loved ones who have passed over! 

Discover why Royle was dubbed by many as Britain’s Fastest and Most Accurate Medium as he delivers one correct “spirit” message after the other in rapid fire to numerous audience members!

During the show Royle also proves his powers of Physical mediumship with displays of metal bending which make Uri Geller look daft and even performs “Healing” on people with instant provable success. 

Strangest of all Royle does not claim to be genuine and freely admits that anybody who knew his techniques would be capable of doing the same. 

This show seems like a real Psychic at work and yet the audience is told to make up their own minds as to how what they have just witnessed was achieved, was it clever trickery or psychic intuition?


Royle is available fully self-contained for shows anywhere in the World with any of his Live Psychic Shows which can run from 45 minutes in Cabaret up to over Two Hours for Theatre venues. All-inclusive Fees start at just £1500 (within Northwest England only) and rise depending on venue, audience size, location and dates required!

For Theatres box office splits start as low as 50/50 each!

For an accurate all inclusive quote, please send details of your desired date, nature of event, audience size, intended venue and geographic location to us and we’ll send you an individual quotation.

JONATHAN ROYLE - Celebrity Hypnotherapist - Life Coach & Motivational Speaker

Price: from 1 GBP
                                    Jonathan Royle Qualified as a Certified & Licensed Practitioner of Clinical Hypnotherapy back in 1989 and has been helping people to change their lives for the better ever since.

From helping people to overcome any Habits, Addictions, Fears, Phobias, Stresses or other issues they may have from A through to Z all the way through to Stress Management Training & Courses in Hypnotic Influence & Persuasion for Sales Companies and Organisations, Royle should be your first choice every time.

As only the Fourth Hypnotist in History to be inducted into the Hypnosis Hall of Fame by the South African Academy of Hypnotherapists, Royle is at the cutting edge of Psychological Treatment techniques and teaches his creations to other therapists around the world.

He is the Creator of Unique Treatments such as:

Complete Mind Therapy = CMT

Mind Emotion Liberation Techniques = MELT

Complete Unconscious Reprogramming of Emotional Disease & Distress = CURED  

Psycho/Physio Energetic Alignment of Changing Emotions = P.E.A.C.E.

He has dozens of books available on Amazon and from all major book stores worldwide along with 100's of other best selling Self-Help and also Mind Therapy Training Products and Courses.

His Hypnotic Key-Note Speeches, Seminar, Event & After Dinner Talks and Public Demonstrations are always Educational, Inspirational and Hugely Entertaining at the same time.

They are always individually tailored to suit your specific needs and desired outcomes.  

Contact us for more details and to discuss your personal project.

Jonathan Royle was born plain Alex William Smith on the 13th August 1975 into a showbiz family and made his stage debut aged 3 and a bit as Flap The Clown on Gandey’s Circus.

Today he is known worldwide as one of the most Controversial, Outspoken and truly unique Hypnotic Entertainers, Magicians, Mind Therapy Practitioners, Mind Readers and Hypnosis Trainers that has ever lived.

He first started treating people with Hypnotherapy in 1989 aged 14 and performed his first Stage Hypnosis Shows in 1990 aged 15.

His first Live Hypnosis Training Seminar teaching other fellow Professionals his unique techniques took place in September 1993 when he had just turned 18.

Along the way Royle established himself as Britain’s Biggest Ever Media Prankster and to some extent helped to Expose the Now Disgraced Journalist Mazher Mahmood and the News of The World Newspaper.

Full Details of his extraordinary attempt to expose the truth, along with full evidence and easily checked facts can be found on his circusofthemind dot net website.

Now In great demand as a Motivational & Inspirational Speaker, Success Coach and Trainer in all areas of Mind Control – Programming and Therapy, Royle has in recent years also promoted, advised and consulted for many other top names in the industry!

These have included people such as Andrew Newton (The Man Who Taught Paul McKenna) – Robert Phipps (Self Growth Official Guide to Body Language) – Barrie St. John (Self Growth Guide to Hypnotherapy) – Nik Speakman and Eva Speakman (Television Celebrity Life Coaches The Speakmans) – Tom Bolton & Beverley Anderson (Creators of Freeway-Cer Meridian Therapies) – Tom Silver (Americas Favourite Television Hypnotist) – Richard Nongard & John Cerbone (Speed Trance UK Event) and in all cases Royles Expertise and unrivalled business/seminar coaching has helped take their projects to the next stage!

He is the creator, developer and pioneer of his unique approach of Complete Mind Therapy which can be used to treat most any person with most any problem from A through to Z successfully, usually within a single 60 to 90 minute session.

Complete Mind Therapy is Royle’s unique approach, which combines the most effective elements of the tried, tested and proven to work “real world” treatment strategies of Clinical Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Creative Visualisation, Counselling, Psychotherapy and other cutting edge change techniques.

Over the past almost 30 years it is estimated that several million of Royle’s Training DVDs, Audio CDs, Books, manuals and courses have been shipped to delighted customers in literally all four corners of the world.

All of our courses carry qualifications, diplomas and certifications which are endorsed by The Mindcare Organisation Ltd, Personal Development Associates (USA) and The Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioners Association (NLPPA) along with the United Kingdom Board of Clinical Hypnotherapy and they also qualify you to obtain Professional Public Liability and Professional indemnity insurance of which details will be supplied to students.

Over the years Royle’s “Mind Skills” have gained him literally 100’s and 100’s of local, national and even International Television, Radio, Newspaper and Magazine features.

One of his success stories featuring a female client whom he had cured of her Phobia of Traffic Wardens made the front page of UK National Daily Newspaper THE SUN and also made a double page feature inside.

Perhaps his most memorable achievement was being asked by USA Today (Americas Biggest Newspaper) to use his Complete Mind Therapy Skills in an interview with Robert De Niro and Billy Crystal to help promote their 2002 film “Analyse That”.

He has authored numerous paperback books for the general public which are available on Amazon, one of which is also available in hardback and indeed one book “Confessions of a Hypnotist” has proved so popular that it is available in both a black cover European and Blue Cover American Editions.

He’s been employed to use his hypnotic skills for major sporting personalities and teams, indeed shortly after consulting with Wigan Athletic Football Club they entered the premiership.

He’s also been employed in the past by Blackburn Rovers and has also hypnotised many members of the Wycombe Wanderer’s football team.

Only able to talk about Celebrity Clients of which his dealings with them are already in the public domain (due to client confidentiality) it is true to say that over the years Royle has also used his “Mind Skills” on Boxer Frank Bruno, many high profile Martial Artists, household name golfers and other sporting heroes who have requested to remain nameless.

On Television Shows he has demonstrated successfully his “Mind Skills” on people such as Olympic Swimmer Sharon Davis, Cleo Rocos, Lily Savage (Paul O Grady), Zoe Ball, Keith Chegwin, Rory Bremner, Cynthia & Britney (The Sweet Valley High Twins), Lowry Turner, Sean Meo, James Whale, Nicky Campbell, Anthony H. Wilson, Miss Ireland, Julia Carling, Craig Charles of Red Dwarf Fame and countless other stars of Stage, Screen, Theatre and the Media! Over the years he has even been linked using his “Mind Skills” in British and international print media for such stars as Des O Connor, Jeremy Beadle, Claudia Schiffer, Cher, Madonna and even the late Princess Diana amongst many others. Indeed he has helped some of the world’s leading household name celebrities to overcome their drug, alcohol, sexual and other addictions, habits and destructive behaviours, however due to client confidentiality these must remain nameless.

From a Corporate point of view his “mind Skills” have been employed by organisations including Mc Donald’s, Rathbone’s Bread, Various Hilton Hotels around the world, Showbiz UK, The Camelot Organisation UK, Mercury Communications, Debenhams and countless others, indeed recently he was flown “business class” to Barbados to demonstrate his skills for the staff of Virgin Atlantic Airways.


“Royle is one of the Top British Hypnotists!” – USA TODAY – (2003)

“The Stage Svengali entranced the audience with his hilarious two hour show” THE OBSERVER – (2002)

“Royle has appeared on a broad range of ITV and BBC shows, over the past nine years, he’s notorious!” – THE DAILY MAIL – (2001)

“Jonathan Royle should be your first choice anytime you want a true Hypnotic or Mind Control Specialist” – BAHRAIN MONTHLY – (2001)

”An undisputed star!” – SUNDAY TIMES – (2000)

“There’s no hypnotising gorgeous girls into bed, it’s all pretty tame and safe. It’s a bit like Carry On style humour – so it’s harmless” – GUARDIAN GROUP – (2000)

“He’s a cheeky showman” – NEWS OF THE WORLD – (2000)

“A very talkative and confident manner. A great way to entertain people.” – THE INDEPENDENT – (2000)

“Tonight I have seen the future of British hypnosis and without a doubt that future is Jonathan Royle. In my opinion he’s the best in the business!” – iqmagazine.com – (1999)

“As a hypnotist, Jonathan Royle starts where Paul McKenna finishes.” SYMPHONY PRESS UK PUBLISHERS – (1999)

“There should be more of him and people like him on British TV!” CHRIS EVANS VIRGIN RADIO – (1998)

“He has a thoroughbred show business pedigree.” – STAGE & TELEVISION TODAY – (1997)

“The funniest and most original hypnotist I have ever seen.” – TODAY NEWSPAPER – (1996)

“Mesmerising powers from the stage showman with the magnetic eyes!” DAILY SPORT – (1995)

“As a hypnotist, he has come to bed eyes!” – SUNDAY PEOPLE – (1995)

“Once he had me under, I was totally under. In the morning, I just couldn’t believe it.” – THE SUN – (1994)

“He’s brilliant. He’s going to drag hypnotism kicking and screaming into the 21st century!” SUNDAY NEWS & ECHO – (1993)

“He’s in control of an amazing power, even as I interviewed him I keep having to avert my gaze” MANCHESTER EVENING NEWS – (1993)

“Britain’s youngest, fastest, funniest and most outrageous comedy stage-hypnotist.” – THE EXPRESS – (1992)

“His comic timing is excellent and his patter is superb.” – BOLTON EVENING NEWS – (1991)

“This man is a star – even veterans agree that his act puts him into a class of his own.” – DAILY MIRROR – (1991)

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