Ivo The Caricaturist
From London, United Kingdom
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Live Caricatures

Price: from 1 GBP
                                    Whatever the event you are planning: (Party, Dinner, Wedding, Ball, Exhibition, Promotion, Charity ext.) 
Ivo is the perfect choice to provide a hilarious and funny atmosphere to entertain your guests.

With his charismatic sense of humour and quick drawing he defiantly makes everybody happy.

Flexible and reliable based in London but will travel he can work on the move or seated with or without easel and draw 12-15 caricatures on A4 or A3 size of paper per hour.

Wedding caricatures drawn live or from photo by Ivo the caricature artst on your wedding reception.

Ivo the Caricaturist has been making people laugh with his caricatures at parties all over the London and UK for the past 12 years. He has been frequently commended on the quality of his caricatures and his ability to get the party going with his talented artistic humour.
He has worked as a caricaturist in the UK doing parties, corporate events and private commissions.

Clients include: The Open University, Emap, Ferrari, Royal Barracks, House of Commons, New Star Asset Management, Yes entertainment plus many more.

1992-1993 Master's Degree from National Academy of Fine Arts 'Nikolai Pavlovitch' (Post-graduate certificate) Sofia, Bulgaria
Graduated after completing a four year full-time course at National Academy of Fine Arts / Faculty of Applied Art - Conservation and Restoration of paintings / Qualification 'Conservator and Restorer in the Field of Fine Art' Sofia, Bulgaria
Iliya Petrov High Specialist School of Fine Arts / Qualified as 'Painter of the Figurative Arts' (Painting, Drawing, Sculpture and Decoration) Sofia, Bulgaria

'I saw the caricatures he did (they are being displayed in the office) and they are great. Everybody really enjoyed "the show". Many thanks to Ivo and to you for all your arrangements.'
Maureen Bye, Open University, East Grinstead

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