From Manchester, United Kingdom
Price from 500 GBP
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Stage Show 30 min

Price: from 1,000 GBP
                                    A stage show with Fred Sharp is jam-packed with effects ranging from crowd-engaging magic to wonders of mentalism. Members of the audience become more than just seated observers as Fred welcomes them on stage to experience the magic firsthand. The suspense is real, and the surprises keep coming.  
Corporate groups are welcome to customize the experience to include their brand, product, and/or services. Add a dash of magic to your presentations!

Close-up Magic Show 2 hours

Price: from 500 GBP
                                    Close-Up Walk-around magic show. 20 years international experience in the UK and Dubai. Whilst roaming around, I perform magic, mentalism and my signature piece which is metal-bending

Ipad / Digital Magician

Price: from 600 GBP
                                    Fred combines technology and illusions in a show that turn virtual into reality. Evreything is possible and Fred Sharp can get your message across or create an impressive presentation for your next product launch or brand activation. Digital magic is available mostly on iPads and is also possible on Android devices.  Fred can even create custom magical effects to promote your product or service. The iPad magic can be performed roaming or on stage.

Fred Sharp is a leading illusionists originally from France with a truly international experience, having spent most of his life between the UK and the Unite Arab Emirates. Fred’s style is fun-loving and engaging, enthralling audiences from the beginning to the end of the show. As a professional entertainer, Fred creates a never-seen-before experience no matter what the place, time, or occasion happens to be. Prepare to be amazed, awed, and struck speechless.
Wow your guests, have some fun, and get a fantastic glimpse into a world of magic with Fred Sharp’s inspiring and reality-bending performances.

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