How it works

One of the largest community of entertainers

You have access to one of the largest entertainment communities in the United Kingdom. This includes classic, extreme and specialized performances.

Unlimited free quotes

Ask for as many quotes as you like and there are never any charges.

Talk directly to the artists

No agents to deal with, you are in direct communication with the artist. this means you pay no additional fees for middlemen. Ask questions and find out exactly what you can expect.

Immediate booking

If you like what you see, you can secure your entertainment now. You can easily book services online and receive an immediate confirmation.

Stress free payments

You won't have to worry about any payment problems. Payment is held in a secure escrow account until you confirm the services were rendered.

Have a great time

Since we take care of all the hard work, you are free to sit back and enjoy the fun with no worries. It really is quite simple. Why not try it now and see?

Create your profile

Creating your lead generating profile only takes a few minutes. This will bring you leads & enquiries. And that’s not all.

Two click quote replies

You only have to enter prices one time and it just takes two clicks for the entire process.

Real time chat

Talk directly to potential clients. No agents or middlemen involved. This saves you and your clients both time and money.

Manage your bookings

Managing your business has never been easier. Thanks to our helpful dashboard, you can take care of and keep track of your enquiries, bookings and many other things.

Automated Paperwork

Do you love taking care of time consuming and tedious paperwork? Most people don't. Why not let us do all this for you? Our platform is fully automated to greatly simplify bookings, invoices, contracts and quotations.

Payment Security

You can rest easy knowing your payment is safe and secure. We provide a secure escrow account for your performance fees. Lack of payment or last minute cancellations are now a thing of the past.


You love to entertain and we are here to help you share this passion with your clients, spreading sunshine and happiness. Check us out today to see how simple it really is!